The Global Organizational Culture Institute (GOCI) was created to advance the health and performance of organizations through improved development of organizational culture.

What we do:

GOCI seeks to leverage and create research, then translate that research into practical knowledge and tools to enable leaders and change practitioners to create positive organizational change.

Why we exist:

Organizational culture is pervasive in its influence on organizational outcomes, and in popular media discussion. Despite this, the practice of creating intentional performance focussed cultural change is immature.  At the heart of GOCI is the belief that healthy communities are greatly influenced by the health of industry and organisations that make them up. Central to this is the development of organizational cultures that are able to innovate, adapt, and grow sustainably. We believe that shouldn’t be left to chance.

Our Advisory Board

At the heart of GOCI is the development of relevant, applicable and evidence based knowledge. Our advisory board comprises global thought leaders who inform the GOCI research and publication agenda. This board is a deliberate and diverse representation of scientists, practitioners and industry perspectives. Meet our advisory board members:

Chris Cancialosi

Chris Cancialosi

Managing Partner and Founder of gothamCulture

Chris Cancialosi, Managing Partner and Founder of gothamCulture, is a recognized expert in the fields of leadership and organizational development, with focus on the role of leaders in shaping high-performing cultures. Chris has worked with senior leaders across industries and sectors to design and deploy organizational transformation processes aimed at creating and sustaining effective large-scale change.

Dylan Flavell

Dylan Flavell

Managing Director of Spring Point

Managing Director of Spring Point, is energised by work and people that seek to create positive change. A business leader, management consultant and Dad to 3, Dylan has a commercial, pragmatic and progressive approach to strategy, culture and business transformation. Dylan’s perspectives are shaped by global industry and consulting experience. This deep exposure to clients across all industries seeking both competitive advantage and meaning for their companies and teams, shape Dylan’s unique perspective and contributions on the future of work. Dylan’s authenticity and experience combined, enable him to impact at board, executive and front-line level.

Global State of Culture Study

GOCI conducts an annual Global State of Culture Study to determine the current state of organizational culture. This research is focussed on:

  1. Understanding how the cultures of global organizations relate to organizational performance outcomes
  2. The practices and standards the are enabling or inhibiting intentional culture change and development

This research will explore data and best practices from around the world, across industries, and from a wide variety of organizations to develop unique insights to inform better practices.

To stay informed about future surveys and reports click here. Would your organization like to sponsor the 2022 State of Culture Report? See options here.

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